get a Grip:

Maintaining a proper grip, learning proper motion, and keeping good posture while playing is critical to producing a good sound and reducing potential injury to yourself and your equipment. A proper grip and motion technique will help to maximize the energy applied to the drum head while minimizing the amount of effort.



WOW! I recently discovered a program assembled by a really funny German drummer named Benny Greb. He has developed an awesome method to build your clock, develop sticking, and quickly identify patterns while sight reading. He uses a grid system and assigns letters to identify patterns....kind of like Morse code. I'm currently putting myself through his program and highly recommend you get Benny Greb's DVD "The Language of Drumming".... I did! Thanks Trey at Richmond Music Center for putting me on to this .

All About Drum Sticks!


Those little slivers of hickory are actually quite complex. Learn about the differert parts as well as the many different types.


My Stick Bag!


See what small arsenal I usually carry with me to gigs. I never use them all, but it is nice to be prepared.


Proper Angle - Proper Play!


The linked diagram demonstrates the best angles to get the best sound with the least effort.



How to Play a Rudiment - Think "Train"!


1943 Baldwin Steam Locomotive

Start very slowly and get faster at an easy, steady pace. Slowly approach your maxiumum playing speed without messing up. Now slow down at the same pace as you started. While playing, keep the same volume throughout the exercise. Remember that going fast does not mean playing LOUDLY and slowing down does not mean playing SOFTLY. See the video above of a train starting to get a sense of this concept.

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