what is gottaDRUM:

gottaDRUM.com was developed for gottaDRUM students or those seeking drum lessons in the Chesterfield, Virginia area; however, the site may be beneficial to anybody. If you do find this site useful or have any comments, feel free to contact gottaDRUM at info@gottaDRUM.com.

Barry Stewart offers private lessons on select week nights and currently has a few openings. He has been playing drums for about 16 years and has been teaching drums for more than 8 years. If you are interested in becoming a student, feel free to contact him at barry@gottadrum.com. gottaDRUM also provides drum tuning services at an hourly rate - See Technical Page to learn more.

Barry currently plays drums for an exciting Richmond based classic rock band called Uncharted Waters, was the praise band drummer for Iron Bridge Baptist Church for seven years, occasionally plays drums for a Richmond-based Christian band called Offering, and played drums on Offering's Christmas CD Comfort and Joy.


NEW!! gottaDRUM has sucessfully launched a new practice incentive tool called the gottaDRUM Reward and Recognition Program. This program is a great way to help students remember to practice and come to their lessons prepared. Also, it is a convenient tool for parents to stay involved and to track their child’s progress and accomplishments. The program awards total points based on weekly practice time and lesson performance of assigned material summarized on the gottaDRUM Lesson Plan. Progress is tracked in the gottaDRUM Practice Log. As points accumulate, the student can “cash” them in for some really cool prizes.

Getting Started!

Drums are one of the least expensive instruments to try out. All you really need is a pair of sticks, mouse pad, and a desire to learn - $8.00 maximum assuming the mouse pad is free. Of course if you "stick" it out, you will want to upgrade to a practice pad, snare stand, music stand, and beginner books - $74.00 to $108.00. Learn more about getting started by clicking on "more" below. Also, visit the Resources and Equipment pages for more details on the start-up cost.


Drum Stick Anatomy

Getting started may be simple, but those little hickory slivers of wood are quite complex. Learn about the differert parts of a drum stick as well as the basic types available.


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