drumset - the Best Part:

Revolution and evolution. Learn about the basics of the drum set, how it has changed over time, the many options available today, and witness some awesome physics.

Parts of the Drum Set!

Knowing the name of the basic components of the drum set are essential.


History of the Drum Set!

The early version of the drum set was introduced during the days of Vaudeville, but once Mr. Ludwig invented the first bass drum pedal in 1909, the drum was begining to take form.


To Mike or Not to Mike?

It will usually depend on where you are performing and a few other factors.


Stop My Creeping Bass!

There are many ways to help prevent the creeping bass: use a rug, set the thone on the rug, make sure you bass spurs are engaged.


Cymbal Cleaning?

Are your cymbals tarnishing? So what! But if you are so inclinded to keep the shine, see below for more.


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